Thursday, August 13, 2015

Rules Cards — Shadows of Esteren

Here are a series of cards that can be used as helpful reminders for various rules in Shadows of Esteren. While Shadows is a very rules light game, the fact that you don't need a set of rules very often can make it difficult to remember them (particularly if your memory is mediocre to begin with).

These work better as reminders than introductions to the rules and when space permitted I listed page numbers to the topic in question. Each card is 4"x5" making them easy to have around without getting in the way.

Topics for cards include Demorthèn Art, Miracles, Artifacts, Healing & Sanity, and Combat.

One final note to make, is that the Healing & Sanity card includes a bit of an errata to the rules. Working with the translator I confirmed that the Health Condition penalty should also apply to Defense and Speed. This was accidentally left out of the original Book 1—Universe. It will be added to a second printing.

Link: Rules Card
Link: Rules Card (no background)

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Artifact Cards — Shadows of Esteren

Another set of cards I've put together for Shadows of Esteren give information for the Artifacts in game Book 1—Universe. One of the distinctive aspects of the Shadows of Esteren setting is the (limited) use of technology in an otherwise low fantasy setting. Similar to, but not identical with Warhammer Fantasy, Shadows of Esteren has "Steam Punk" like devices that are powered by an element called Flux. Flux forms a major catalyst to the interaction between the main three factions.

Link: Artifact Cards

Sanity Cards — Shadows of Esteren

One of my favorite games is an English translation of a French RPG called Shadows of Esteren. I met the guys that write, draw and produce the books at GenCon a couple years ago and have been helping them by proofing their English translations ever since.

In addition to helping proof the official books, I've also designed a number of game aids for the series and I wanted to set up links to them here. Generally I've just kept the look and feel of the original design and typography. I'll do a separate post for each to better keep track of them.

Link: Sanity Cards

These are a series of cards that can make it easier for Players and Leaders to keep track of individual PCs current sanity and what repercussions it has. This is the second version of the cards, slightly editing the book text in order to make each Mental Disorder fit on exactly three cards.

(BTW – These are identical to the ones on the English Forums)